When we fight for honesty, we are making a deposit into the future. It’s an esteemable act – an investment that builds our self-esteem and offers an example for others to live by. It’s one simple (and FREE) action that you can take that leads to success and happiness

Honesty is more than simply telling the truth: 

  • Identity – Honesty requires knowing who you are so that you can be the most real version of yourself.  
  • Integrity – Honesty requires being the same person no matter where you are who you are with. Integrity is who you are when no one is looking. 
  • Authenticity – Honesty requires clarity through authenticity. Being transparent leads to more fulfilling relationships and empowers us to live with openness and freedom.

You may think that at times, lying protects others. These lies are often called pro-social lies, lies we tell to make others feel good about themselves. The problem with this is that lying to benefit others robs us of the chance to make trustworthy relationships. 

In fact, studies show that the practice of lying can actually deteriorate our health. Lying often exposes us to unnecessary stress and anxiety and can often lead to depression

Even further, we may lie to ourselves when we fear the truth of self-awareness. However, it’s knowing and embracing the truth that helps us to see areas where we can grow.

Hopefully, this sweet and simple blog encourages you to pursue the truth, find confidence in self-awareness, and reminds you of the cost of lying. Being authentic, knowing who we are, and striving to live lives of integrity are the key principles to fight for honesty every day.

Until next time – fight for honesty and acknowledge others when they do the same! 

Francine D. Ward

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Francine D. Ward
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