Music Streaming

For years, music streaming companies have been in constant battle with songwriters and their music publishing companies.  Songwriters and their publishers, the holders of valuable copyrighted content, want to be fairly compensated for the use of their music streaming content. Music streaming companies want the unrestricted right to make money off of the content, without fairly compensating the copyright owners.  For years, music streaming companies have used music without securing required licenses, or have gotten away with paying songwriters a fraction of what they were due.

Music Streaming.

Now, the stakeholders have partnered on drafting federal legislation that is designed to revolutionize the digital licensing process. In doing so, it will improve royalty payouts to copyright owners.
What finally prompted a coming to terms among the stakeholders? As always, being sued and large settlement payouts. Companies like Spotify, Google, Apple, Pandora and Amazon don’t ever change their behavior unless forced to do so.  That is the downside of giving too much power to any company or individual. They think the rules don’t apply to them.

Publishing and Songwriter Copyright.

This is great new if you are a songwriter or have the publishing rights to musical compositions.
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