Google and Yahoo.

Drafting a contract between two parties can never be taken lightly. It’s imperative that it’s not just a cut and paste job of a sample contract found conducing a Google or Yahoo search.
Because many parties blindly prepare contracts on their own without legal expertise, courts are increasingly asked to resolve disputes that could have been avoided. When interpreting a contract the courts look at the mutual intention of the parties at the time of the signing. Therefore, whatever you put in that contract, whether or not you understood what you signed, is what the courts feel you intended to agree to.

Signing on the Dotted Line.

Contracts are construed as a whole and the courts will come to a conclusion on the meaning of certain words used within the disputed contract. The words are given their common meaning unless it’s noticeable that the parties used the words in a technical sense.
Lawsuits are tedious, costly, and can damage the relationship between both parties beyond repair. This is why it is worth the time to work on contracts through the proper procedures before one signs on the dotted line. A competent contract lawyer or business attorney can help you navigate through contracts to ensure they are skillfully drafted and executed.
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