Are you an author wanting to know “how to get published”? Are you a trending blogger looking to become a subject-matter expert? Do you already have a book deal? Do you have an agent? Well, before you sign that agreement (even if you have an agent) you should read this.

As an intellectual property attorney who, among other things, has negotiated a number of book contracts, there are a few things I’ve learned that can help you avoid what many authors learn the hard way:

1. Even though you want to get published, NEVER sign a book deal out of desperation – you’ll be the biggest loser.
2. Read and understand ALL of the terms in the book contract.
3. If you find a publisher without an agent, have a book attorney or book lawyer review the agreement BEFORE you sign it
4. Don’t be afraid to ask your publisher and/or your agent questions (and even if you are afraid, ASK anyway!)
5. Know that ALL publishing agreements/book contracts are negotiable.
6. Leverage is the key to getting what you want (think about what you bring to the table before you agree to anything).
7. Boilerplate does NOT mean non-negotiable.
8. Boilerplate does NOT mean you should not read before you sign.

Until then, I’m Attorney Francine Ward, looking to help you protect your valuable content! Join my conversation on my Facebook Business Page.

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