Let go. Why me?

Sometimes when I am disappointed because I didn’t get something I wanted, it’s hard to understand why it happened.  It’s even harder to understand when people say to me, “Francine you have to let go.”  I immediately go to, “Why me?” I ask.  Like I should never experience any pain pr disappointment.   God, and God does not love me.”  What a silly place for me to go, but in being honest–that’s where I go.  Sometimes I don’t get what I want because I am supposed to try again, try harder, or let it go. Theoe is never a one size fits all answer. Because there is a God, I eventually get the right answer, for me.  I know that everything is in divine order.

Let go. Divine Order.

There have been many times when I failed, made a mistake, or was rejected and inherently knew I was to try again. I knew at my core that it wasn’t time to give up without a fight when I failed the New York Bar the first time in 1989, when I continually received rejection letters from literary agents in 2000, when it seemed like I’d never make it to the finish line during my first marathon race in 1995, and when my year old marriage seemed like it would end in divorce court in 1998.
At other times, when I tried had to reach a goal, somehow my best effort just wasn’t good enough. Instinctively, after many attempts, I knew it was time to let go.

Nothing happens by mistake, and Everything is in Divine Order.

Nothing, absolutely nothing happens in this world by accident, even if in the moment we can’t make sense of the experience. There are often two levels of reasoning. There is a logical, secular explanation, such as you weren’t prepared in the way you needed to be. But there is also a spiritual, metaphysical account where you know whatever happens was for your highest and best good, regardless of outward appearances to the contrary. The spiritual reasons could be you weren’t emotionally ready to go to the next level, you had more inner work to do, there were more important things to attend to before your dream could be realized, it wasn’t the right time, or had you realized your dream you would have missed another opportunity that you needed to experience.

When to Let go.

How do you know when it’s time to let go or when you’re charged with trying just one more time? And if you let go, how do you know when it’s time to try again? There is no one-size-fits-all answer. There are many factors to be considered, including timing.
Are you at a crossroad in your life?  Are you wondering if it is time to let go of some person, place, or thing?  Are you wondering how to let go?  Talk it over with a friend. Find a coach you can trust who understands, and go to whomever you use a spiritual resource.
Until next time, I’m Francine Ward, attorney, coach, author, and speaker.  I invite you to join my conversation on my Esteemable Acts Fan page, Esteemable Acts Twitter feed, or in one of my LinkedIn Groups.

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