I just got off the phone with an old friend, Tom Pace, the CEO of PaceButler Corporation. I first met Tom over 20 years ago when I was giving a talk in Tulsa, OK. What an amazing person he is!
Like many of us, Tom Pace went through many struggles before he became the successful person he is today. As an adult, Tom only had the reading ability of a fourth-grader. He suffered from Attention Deficit Disorder and was Dyslexic to boot. It’s needless to say, he had a very hard time holding down a decent job. Things were so bad that Tom even considered suicide as a way out.

Mentoring. Success.

Today, Tom Pace is a successful entrepreneur and CEO. The company he founded back in 1987, PaceButler, is a leader in the recycled cell phone industry. But he hasn’t forgotten where he came from and the problems in life that he faced. Tom credits his much of his incredible turnaround and success to mentoring. Now he mentors others, making their paths through life a little bit easier. He has authored a very special book titled “Mentor: The Kid & The CEO.” The book is based on his own life experience and the principles he adhered to in becoming a success.
Over the course of his incredible life, Tom picked up a love of reading, which he now attempts to share with those who are struggling, even personally distributing books to inmates in the Oklahoma City Jail. His company, PaceButler, donates an educational book for every used cell phone or smartphone it purchases. So far, they have donated over 645,000 books to individuals, organizations and non-profits, and the number continues to grow.

Passing it Forward.

Tom Pace is an incredible example of how people can persevere with a little help from their fellow man. He embodies the Esteemable Act concept of giving back and passing it forward, freely giving of his own time and money to lift up those that need a little help to overcome the obstacles that life throws at us.
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