Inspirational Stories. Self Esteem.

I love inspirational stories about people doing amazing things. These stores are especially heartwarming when the accomplisher has to overcome great odds to succeed. This is not to say that privileged folk—those born with a platinum spoon—cannot do amazing things, because they can.  Just to name a few, take a look at Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Kim Kardashian. They are all among the “Haves” who started with money, and look at what they have done.  But it is easy to accomplish great things, amazing things, when you’ve been given wealth, access, contacts, and every opportunity to attend the best schools—at no cost to you.  With that as part of your war chest, it’s easy to be amazing.

Rise Above. Amazing.

Becoming successful and accomplishing amazing things is a little harder when you truly must earn those things. Carlene Ervin in one such amazing example of someone who—against all odds—has accomplished an amazing feat.
Born into a family where she had little chance of surviving, she was placed in foster care. Adopted by a foster parent who encouraged her to rise above her beginnings and impressed upon Carlene the importance of education.  Her foster mom placed Carlene in a charter school program in Berkeley, CA called, Aspire CAL Prep.  From there, Carlene excelled. What makes Carlene so special is that she was willing to try.  What I know is just because you take a horse to water does not mean it will drink it. So it is with people. Just because you give someone opportunities, does not mean they will take advantage of them.  Carlene did.  And now, she’s on her way to Yale.
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