Just for Today.

I love motivational quotes. There is something magical and effective about inserting positive thoughts into the brain.

Many years ago I discovered a little tool called, Just for Today. It listed several simple, yet profound affirmative statements for living a happy, joyFilled, productive, and healthy life.  This morning during my daily meditation I was awakened to the affirmation that says:
Just for Today, I will try to strengthen my mind. I will study. I will learn something useful. I will not be a mental loafer. I will read something that requires effort, thought and concentration.
This short and “seemingly” useless statement has guided my actions for over 34 years.  When I was a young girl of less than 14, I read a lot. My mom was a librarian, so we had lots of books around the house. But I read to escape the pain of growing up ME—not to learn.  Today, I read and study to strengthen my mind and to learn. I am open to novel opportunities, fresh possibilities, and a world I have never known.  Not only do I have to secure a required number of continuing legal education credits (CLE) to maintain my 3 law licences, but I also study other things just to learn, e.g., I take classes, read articles, listen to audios, and go to the museum.
People ask, “Francine with your work and travel schedule, a husband, and extensive volunteer commitments, how do you have time to study?”
My answer is always the same, “I make time, because learning and education are important to me.
Today it feels good to strengthen my mind and learn something new and useful.  I was a mental loafer—I did just enough to get by and never pushed myself in any way.  Just for today, that is not my experience.
What one thing will you do today to strengthen your mind, which requires effort, thought and concentration? I’m Francine Ward, Author, Speaker, Attorney encouraging you to stretch far beyond your comfort zone—just for today!  Visit me on my Esteemable Acts Facebook fan Page, Esteemable Acts Twitter Page, or join the conversation in one of my Linkedin Groups.

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