Good health is not a right, it’s a privilege.

Most of us are born with a functional body and healthy parts. As children, many of us learn how to take care of those parts: regularity brushing our teeth, washing our skin and hair, eating properly, doing exercise, getting checkups, practicing mental stimulation and emotional self-care. But even with the best early training, we often still fall prey to bad habits.
When it comes to our health most of us are more concerned with how we look than how we feel. For many people, the outside takes priority over the inside. We spend hours in front of the mirror focused on the shape of our muscles rather than the condition they are in. We’ve been taught to believe that the better our bodies look, the greater our self-love. Not so.
How often have you seen a beautiful body attached to an unhealthy mind? Or a pretty woman with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth? Or a gorgeous guy addicted to alcohol or drugs? How often have you seen a thin, well-shaped person who has bad skin?

Good Health. Smart Choices.

Good healthy is a result of choices, smart, courageous, proactive, well-thought-out choices, which aren’t always easy to make. Choices that sometimes require that you say “STOP” when everyone says “GO,” or that require you to say “YES” when others say “NO.”
Self-esteem comes from doing Esteemable Acts, including making the right choices for your health. You don’t have to wait until it’s too late to wake up and practice self-care. You can start now, regardless of how old you are.

Start Anew Today!

What choices regarding your healthy are you making today?  Take some time to explore the consequences of your previous health and lifestyle choices. Sometimes reality hurts, especially as we get older and realize we can’t go back and change the past. But the good news is that no matter what our past choices, we can start anew today and live the healthiest life we can, for as long as we can.
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