Stay focused on the goal.

Self-esteem comes from staying focused on your goals, and focus is the key to making something happen. It’s about being attentive to the goals, about keeping the end in mind. I learned from a wise person many years ago, that where I place my attention is what I ultimately manifest.
How many times have you made a commitment to yourself and not kept it? How many times have you just allowed stuff to get in the way of your doing what you said you would do? When we regularly neglect our needs and desires to the point that it becomes a lifestyle choice, we pay dearly.
So why do we get off track? Why do we allow ourselves to lose sight of what we say is important in the moment? There are lots of reasons, some more valid than others. Our emergencies, other people’s emergencies, lack of money, lack of time, insufficient information, no child care, our spouse, our boss, our kids – are all examples of excuses we use for not attending to our own needs. But regardless of the validity of our excuses, if we’re really honest with ourselves, we see that most often it boils down to fear.
Attaining focus and staying on track is about keeping agreements with ourselves. Eventually, to succeed at what we want to do in life, we must start doing the things that lead to our success, regardless of life’s distractions. We must be willing to take action regardless of how we feel. We must stay focused on the goal.
Here are some simple steps to take to focus on your goals today:

  • Identify three things you’ve been putting off doing. Whatever it is, this is the day to call it what it is: important unfinished business.
  • Create an intention to stay focused on what’s important. Write out a positive statement saying what you indent to do regarding those three things you’ve been putting off.
  • Identify the task and break it into small pieces. What small steps can you take to get you started?
  • Schedule everything. In your date book or on your electric calendar, schedule blocks of time – every week – to work on the small pieces that you’ve identified.I invite you to have the courage to stay focused on your needs and desires – no matter what!
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