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Facebook Want Button

A social media company has accused Facebook of ripping off a trademarked service that allows users to create wish lists of desired products via a “want” button, according to a suit filed Friday in Michigan federal court.
It started with the “LIKE” button, but now Facebook is making news with another kind of button – the “WANT” button.
But, this new addition to Facebook doesn’t come without controversy. On October 12th a Michigan based company called CVG-SAB LLC filed suit against Facebook, Inc. for alleged trademark infringement. The company bringing suit is better known by its DBA name, WANT. In short, it connects people with products they like, desire, or already have.
The suit alleges that Facebook introduced a “want” button for services that are effectively the same as, or at least closely related to, the Plaintiff’s WANT Button services.  It also contends that Facebook is in violation of the federal Lanham Act, Michigan’s Consumer Protection Act, as well as state common law.
Furthermore, the suit claims that Facebook’s addition of the “want” platform is already causing confusion in the marketplace. CVG-SAB claims it has already received inquiries as to whether the Facebook platform has a relationship with its own “want” button.
CVG-SAB LLC (WANT) is pursuing temporary, preliminary, and permanent injunction against Facebook’s use of the “WANT” button, as well as for damages already incurred by its use.
Facebook has not commented on the suit, nor has a trial date been set.
This suit further demonstrates the need for an entrepreneur, or business owner, to do everything possible to protect their business and their brand. If you don’t where to begin, there are many intellectual property lawyers, just like me, who would be happy to be of assistance to you.
Until next time, I’m Attorney Francine Ward helping you protect what’s yours.
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