Last week I was in Boston for a talk. On the flight back home, as I often do, I assesd my experience of the event, including giving myself honest feedback as to what worked and what didn’t.
I realized, what made the experience so much fun for me was that I was able to connect with my audience–by being real. Sometimes it’s hard to come from a place of real authenticity, because we are often afraid of how we’ll be perceived. We want to look good and say just the right thing. Yet, every time I have the courage to tell the truth about me and my experiences–the good and the not- so-good, the pretty and the not-so-pretty–people connect with me. And I know for me, when I’m listening to a speaker, while facts, resources, and other content is essential, what really captures my attention are the stories that I can relate to as a person.
What about you–what do you think makes a speech effective?