You create the image and color on the canvas called your life. Are you creating the picture you want? Or does your canvas convey chaos and despair?
Indeed, sometimes we don’t like what we see in our lives. But who is responsible for the likeness reflecting back? Some would say outside forces, such as inadequate parents, poverty, addiction, rotten breaks, racism, homophobia, a disability, incest, and any number of other things.
No doubt, outside forces can and do influence our life canvas. But I invite you to consider that more often than not, we allow outside forces to color and define our lives.
You are the artists; God is your co-creator. Together all things are possible. But when we mistakenly believe that other people control our destiny, we end up feeling bitter and hopeless. In truth, we’re in partnership with a Higher Power, or whatever you choose to call it.
For years this was hard for me to accept. My life was rotten. I had a drug habit and an addition to alcohol, I was selling my body to support my dysfunctional lifestyle, and I was making bad choices that led to more bad choices. And I didn’t think it was my fault. I was not the artist who created the mess. I remember thinking, ‘If only I had a break, if only someone would give me a chance, my life would be different.’  Sadly, when a few kindly folks tried to give me breaks, I blew the opportunities.
How easy it is to believe we have no control over the events of our lives? How easy it is to believe our lives are preordained and that someone has control over the details? Holding on to that belief renders big payoff, because when things go wrong it’s not our fault. And when things go right, it was just God’s will. But never do we play a part, or so we think.
As you read this post, I invite you to consider a different perspective. You’re invited to first see whether you played a part in where you are today. And the best news you can give yourself is to say yes, because if you played even a small part, there is something you can do to change that canvas of your life.
Remember, you are the artist in your life.  So, what action can you take to create your drab canvas into a masterpiece?
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