“I first met Francine when she gave a talk about accidental copyright infringement at a local ASTD chapter. She’s a terrific speaker on what’s usually a dry subject, as well as very knowledgeable. Some time after that I discovered a major bank was using my book for training…without my permission and without paying me. This was aggravating and scary at the same time. How would I go up against such a large company?

I reached out to Francine for help. She calmed me down, was assuring about my power to protect my IP, and suggested next steps. She also reviewed a letter I was to send to the person in charge of the group. Thanks to Francine’s counsel and assistance the company dropped their attempt at theft and later hired me to speak at several national sales meetings.

To borrow from an old ad, we all need a friend in the law business. I highly recommend Francine for help with all copyright, trademark, and IP issues. She is generous with her time and her rates are more than reasonable.”