“I was leery about a contract a publisher asked me to sign, but I wanted to sell my piece.

I yearned for the by-line and all the future potential that came with it. Getting my writing published has been a long, brutal process, and I didn’t want to blow my big chance. But the contract required me to forfeit all my rights, in perpetuity, and I knew in my gut I would regret it if I signed this contract.

Then I attended one of Francine Ward’s seminars and got her input. “Publishers want your work because they can make money on it. They’re business people,” she reminded me, “and sometimes their objectives collide with yours.” I heard the authenticity, wisdom, and heartfelt earnestness in her tone. At that moment, I needed to hear those words, especially from a person whose authority on the subject I could respect and trust.

Carefully applying the thoughtful advice in Ms. Ward’s presentation, I crafted a new agreement, one in which the rights to my story reverted back to me after a reasonable period of time. The publisher signed it.

I got my price. I got my terms. And my relationship with the publisher has never been better. Thank you, Francine.”