It’s easy to say, “go for your dreams and set new goals,” but how do you figure out what they are? Here is a really simple process for identifying your personal goals and business goals for this year.  In figuring out how to set goals, ask yourself following questions:

If I could, what one thing would I like to do this year?

1.            Is there a place I’d like to visit

2.            Is there someone I’d like to see this year

3.            Is there a bad habit that I’m finally ready to break, e.g., smoking, drinking, using drugs, being mediocre, drinking too much soda, debting, interrupting people when they talk

4.            Is there a new habit I’d like to put into practice e.g., exercising more regularly, watching less television, being kinder to my partner, being grateful

5.            Is there someone I’d like to meet this year

6.            Is there a new skill I’d like to learn, e.g., learn to dance, learn to sing, learn Facebook, explore the Second Life

7.            Is there something I’d like to buy, e.g., a new computer, a new house, new car, new dress, Persian cat

8.            Is there something I really want to do, e.g., reduce debt, pay off a particular debt, get involved in a charity, dance more, making new friends, get involved in your community

9.            … the list goes on …


Goal setting and goal planning are never as difficult as we want to make it.  If we break our actions into tiny manageable pieces, we can baby step our way to success.  Okay, so this week, all I want you to do is answer just one of the questions above—that’s all.

Some wise person once told me that God’s gift to me is my life, and my gift to God is what I do with it.  Go on, make this is a great week—I dare you!

Until next week, enjoy your journey!





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