Practice Areas

Copyrights and Trademarks

Copyright and Trademark Law are two of the rights incorporated in the bundle of rights we call intellectual property. Copyright Law protects original content fixed in a tangible form. Trademark Law protects distinctive devices (such as words and logos) that identify the source of a product or service.

Business Contracts & Entity Formation

Business Law covers a wide variety of business issues. My focus is on drafting and reviewing business contracts, as well as the formation of business entities, such as limited liability companies, corporations, and not for profit organizations.

Wills and Trusts

This area of law concerns itself with the protection of ones’ estate after they die or while alive, but when one is unable to make decisions on their own behalf. My estate planning practice generally involves the preparation of trusts, wills, health care directives, and powers of attorney.

Entertainment & Publishing Law

Entertainment is a mix of copyright law, trademark law, preparation of business contracts, and business issues counseling. Helping talent navigate the world of television, film, and music.

Social Media and Internet Law

In this age of social media engagement, often people think about the ease in which they can communicate through social media, but fail to realize the legal landmines to be considered.  My practice involves the preparation of website agreements, and counseling clients on how to avoid social media related lawsuits.

Advertising Law & the FTC

It’s easy to think you just market on the Internet without any concern for rules and regulations. Not so fast! Advertising Law is its own special area of IP and the rules are governed by both state and federal law.