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Say No to Gossip

Say No to Gossip

Recently I overheard someone who was sitting at the table next to mine talking on her cell phone. “Who does she think she is?” the woman said. “Everyone at work knows she’s sleeping with the boss. That’s why she always gets special treatment.” There was a pause as if...

Family Wealth. Estate Planning.

Family Wealth. Estate Planning.

Fears When Talking about Money Studies have shown (https://www.thewilliamsgroup.org/our-history) that the largest contributing factors to the depletion of family wealth are lack of trust, lack of communication, and lack of preparation...

Focus is the Key

Focus is the Key

Outside our bedroom window is a hummingbird feeder. Each day one, two, and sometimes three birds at a time come and partake in the prepared meal of red sugar water. On this day, I was particularly fascinated by their swift-moving little bodies. One after another, the...

Copyright Protects What?

Copyright Protects What?

What is a Copyright? Copyrights are part of the intellectual property (IP) bundle of rights. Other forms of IP that are part of the bundle ar trademarks, patents, rights of publicity, and trade sectrest. A copyright is a legal form of protection for “original” works...

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