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Francine D. Ward



A 1989 graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, Francine D. Ward is a business, intellectual property, and estate planning attorney.

Francine’s intellectual property law focus is on helping clients protect their valuable creative content through copyrights; their developing and existing logos, designs, and business brands through trademarks; their books through carefully negotiated publishing agreements, and their purses by sensibly navigating social media legal issues—Knowing the Law.

Her business law practice is focused on reviewing, preparing, and negotiating agreements based on current, relevant, legal decisions, and counseling clients on the appropriate form of business entities. Not all businesses are created equal, especially under the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. 



“Francine is exceptional in the field of Intellectual Property Law. I had the pleasure of meeting her after attending one of her workshops on Intellectual Property/ Copyright matters. The workshop was tailored to nonprofit executive directors and was truly excellent. After the workshop, I asked Francine about possibly representing the nonprofit I lead in protecting !copying righting some of our training materials. Francine not only agreed, her fees s were affordable and she was generous! responsive with her timefrom start tofinish. I knew I was in good hands.”

Gwen Wilson

LCSW - Founder/ Executive Director/CEO - G.O.A.L.S. For Women


“I hired Francine Ward to provide e me with legal advice, trademark assistance, and to help me​ develop contract
documents during my business startup. She is a pleasure to work with, and very knowledgeable, responsive, and client-focused.”


Business Owner


“As an avid conference fan …Francine is truly in the top 1% of great motivational speakers . She joins with her audience and touches the hearts and souls of the listeners. Francine’s message..triggered a chain of events that not only cemented one of the best events our agency ever sponsored but created a cascading effect.”

Maureen Keating

PCC-S, LICDC Director of Women & Family Services Community Health Center Akron, OH

Topics & Expertise


Women in Business

Motivation & Inpsiration

Alcoholism & Drug Use

Image & Self-Esteem

Principles of Success


 Fear Ain’t Nothing But A Four-Letter Word

Self-Esteem Comes from DOING Esteemable Acts

You Can’t Change What You Can’t See

Lions, Tigers, & Friends: Landmines When Playing in the Social Media Sandbox

Fear Ain't Nothing But A Four-Letter Word


What is more cunning, baffling, powerful, and more deadly than a speeding bullet?

In any given year, F-E-A- R takes more lives than cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, cancer, and car accidents combined. It ruins families and is arguably the root cause of

more depression and is the single biggest barrier to living a life of endless possibilities. F-E-A-R keeps us stuck, broke, dependent, and living beyond our means. It is the ultimate jailor because when F-E-A­ R comes to visit it takes plenty of prisoners.

It is the one thing we all have in common, whether we are head of our own company, working for someone else, retired, single, married, divorced, or in search of our-selves. In this program Francine demonstrates strategies for helping the audience get past this deadly killer of hope and dreams.


Recent Work

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Esteemable acts

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Attorney-at-law, author & speaker

Francine D. Ward

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