Family values. Christian values. Does that only apply when there is an election and you’re fighting to beat the Democrats? I am sick and tired of some religious and christian people giving God a bad name. It appears family values ONLY applies to the other side. Among the loudest voices against adultery, pornography, pedophilia, contraception, celebrities behaving badly, and overall disrespect of our nation’s core values are those who actually engage in such bad behavior on a regular basis. Think ex-congressman Mark Souder (one of many) who talks about being a church-going man, who prays several times a day, sings hymns and sleeps with his staffer–while married. It’s not terrorism that will kill us as a nation, it’s hypocisy, hedonism, and our own misdeeds.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/06/16/mark-souder-interview-i-p_n_614258.html .
Are we a nation so adverse to walking the way we talk? When does the madness stop? And maybe it never will. Does everyone think, “do what you want and seek forgiveness later, rather doing the right thing the first time?”
Tonight I had a meeting with a group of women and we discussed a number of issues, including how we, as a culture, have become desensitized to inappropriate behavior. One women said she was in a public library the other day, and in the stacks, she saw two teens having sex on the floor. After she reported them, she felt bad, because she thought, what they did really wasn’t all that bad compared to things other kids do.
When we start to think that teenage kids having sex in a public place is an acceptable way to behave, I guess that says it all. Where are all the HEALTHY role models. Are we all afraid to stand up and be counted? Are we so afraid of not being liked that we don’t do our civic duty and protect our own? We gladly send boys and girls off to fight a war on terrorism to protect our nation from those who want to harm us. Yet, we continually allow the toxicity all around us–right here at home, to pervade the very fabric of our lives.
What do you think?

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