Core Beliefs as Obstacles to Success.
We are what we believe, and we create our reality based on what we think.  What do you

do today (or not do) that can be traced back to a childhood belief?  For example, as a kid, were you taught that vegetables were good for you?  If so you either love vegetables because you believe they were healthy, and you want to be healthy, or you hate them because you rebelled against being told you had to eat them.  Either way, your belief about vegetables defines your relationship with them today.
Let’s tie this theory of beliefs and outcome to goals. If you grew up believing you could have anything in the world you wanted, you would likely take actions that supported that belief.  So it wouldn’t be a surprise if your life turned out exactly as you wanted it. Likewise, if you grew up believing that you were not good enough or smart enough to have what you wanted, then there was a strong likelihood that you would not get your heart’s desire.  A self-fulfilling prophecy.
Our beliefs are powerful and if we’re not careful, they will control our destiny. 
What do you believe? How are those beliefs impacting your dreams and goals?
This week why not spend some time exploring what it is you’d like to happen in 2013.  Then, I invite you to honestly assess your beliefs and feelings about it. You may be surprised at what you find, particularly if what you find is an obstacle to your success.
It’s February, the beginning of an amazing new year. You’ve got a clean slate, a blank canvas to do with whatever you want.   Let’s get you busy taking action. It’s an Esteemable Act.  To read more on how you can change your beliefs in order to live the life you want, get your copy of Esteemable Acts: 10 Action for Building Real Self Esteem.
I’m Francine Ward, Attorney, Coach, Lecturer, Author and courageous woman opening up the conversation for your thoughts. Join me on my Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, or in a LinkedIn group.

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