Choices.  Right and Wrong Choices.

On any given day we make decisions about everything from what time we wake up in the morning to what time we go to bed at night; from who we will spend our time with, to what we will spend our time doing; from how we will be treated, to what we won’t tolerate. Yes, every day we are faced with a myriad of choices and each choice, regardless of the outcome, moves us closer to or farther away from real and lasting self-esteem. There is always a right and wrong choice, regardless of whether we choose to acknowledge that.
Sometimes the outcome of a decision we make is exactly what we want, but we still don’t feel good about ourselves. Why not? Because some of our choices aren’t the right choices for us in the first place. On the other hand, sometimes the outcome we get is not what we want, but ultimately it was the right decision for us. Right and wrong. Who determines what is right and wrong for us, and what is a right choice?

What’s a right choice?

What’s a right choice and how do you know if you’re making one? A right choice is a decision you make because your intuition tells you it’s the right option for you, regardless of what other people say, or regardless of what your Other Voice tells you.
Your Other Voice is the voice that doesn’t always have your best interest at heart. That voice is more interested in having fun than in doing what’s right for you. It just wants to play, be entertained, and do what’s easy. Your Other Voice is sometimes out to get you, and when given half the chance it convinces you that a right choice is a wrong choice or that a wrong choice is perfectly okay.
Has your Other Voice reared its head today? How has it overpowered your intuitive voice? What questions are you battling to which you know the right answer to but are being pulled in another direction? Take a moment today and think about the answers to these questions.
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