In this month’s AARP Magazine (May/June 2009) there is a great article titled, 50 Thrifty Ideas on pinching pennies.  Here are a few of the great ideas:

  1. Hoard your Lincolns ($5 dollar bills, that is). Tuck as many as you can into a piggy bank.
  2. Request double-strength medication and take only half. You pay only one co-pay, for two times the meds.
  3. Trim/cut/color your own hair, or ask your spouse or a trusted friend to do it.
  4. Get free firewood — check with local tree servives for the exvess or trimmed branches.
  5. Shop in consignment stores–I’ve found many a great bargain in these stores around the country.
  6. Shop eBay.
  7. Keep track of EVERYTHING you buy
  8. Clean tile, tubs, counters with vinegar and/or shampoo.
  9. Request a loyalty discount from a vendor you patronize regularly
  10. Print your own greeting cards (Send out cards (https://www.sendoutcards.com/iplawyer)
  11. Learn a skill instead of hiring someone
  12. Swap stuff with a friend

Until next time, here’s to Protecting What’s Yours!

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