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Whether you are just getting your business started or a seasoned business owner, Francine’s 30 years of experience in business and intellectual property law will provide the expertise necessary to give you peace of mind by protecting your content, your brand, your business structure, and your estate.

Francine is Of Counsel at Monty White, LLP, a full service law firm in San Rafael, CA. She heads its Business and Intellectual Property Law Group, as well as managing its Palm Desert, CA office. Francine is a 1989 graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center and admitted to practice in California, New York, and the District of Columbia.

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Contract Mistakes

Contract Mistakes

Contract Mistakes Contract Mistakes. No Written Agreement.Probably the number one contract mistake people make is not having written agreements with everyone they do business with. I am always amazed by the reasons they give. Yet, regardless of how...

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Trademark Benefits

Trademark Benefits

Benefits of Trademark Registration. There are many benefits of trademark registration. The Lanham Act, the law governing trademarks in the United States, does not require that a trademark be registered. Therefore, as the owner of a trademark, you...

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Trademark Duration

Trademark Duration

How long does a trademark last? A registered trademark, one registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), lasts forever—so long as certain post-registration formalities are performed. Oftentimes, trademark registrants...

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What is a Trademark?

What is a Trademark?

What is a trademark? It is a source identifier. A thing we call a device that tells consumers where a product or a service originates from.  A trademark can be a word, a logo, a design, a phrase, a slogan, a color, a sound, a fragrance,...

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“I hired Francine Ward to provide me with legal advice, trademark assistance, and to help me develop contract documents during my business startup. She is a pleasure to work with, and very knowledgeable, responsive, and client-focused. I highly recommend her to other entrepreneurs who are looking for legal support for IP, contracts, and general business matters.”



“I had a very positive experience working with Francine. I needed advice on a book idea I had, and she designed a Waiver and Release form for me. Her work was thorough, timely, and exactly what I needed. I look forward to working with Francine in the future.”



"I have been working with Francine since 2017 and she is an absolute professional who knows her trade very well. She assisted with obtaining a Registered Trademark for my financial planning process and continues to monitor it for me during the renewal process. In addition, she recently assisted in another Registered mark pertaining to my customized retirement planning as well. She is extremely qualified, easy to work with, very organized, and I am extremely happy I was referred to her by another colleague. I highly recommend Francine without hesitation!" 


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