I just got a call from a friend in a cancer support group, and she shared this unique experience with me.  One woman in her group shared that she decided to stop the chemotherapy.  Cancer had metastasized to her brain, and she decided to have radiation therapy no longer.  She decided to transition on her terms and in a way that upholds her dignity.   A second woman in my friend’s group, whose cancer had also metastasized to her brain, made a different choice: to try another form of therapy.  This woman also made a tough choice to live on her terms in a way that upholds her dignity.  Both are courageous women with challenging decisions for them to make, and both are at peace with their choices.

One of the many things Esteemable Acts is about is the courage to make tough choices that are right for you.  It becomes easier to make those hard choices when we have all the necessary information and don’t act from fear.  Fear compels us to work from a place of lack and limitation, a place of what’s missing, as opposed to a  place of what we have.  Further, what’s right for you today might not be suitable for someone else or you tomorrow.  What tough choices are you making today?

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