Quick Fix.

Will we ever stop trying to get something by doing nothing? Sadly, we live in a quick fix culture. Everything is about the quick fix—get some nothing and do nothing but have a big payday. Take this pill and lose weight fast, eat all you want and lose weight, get a quickie degree in 30-days, buy a house regardless of your credit status, make a ton of money while sitting at home doing nothing. These are the messages we are bombarded with daily — AND we buy into them. Then the day arrives when we look for that payday and are shocked it never comes.

Something for Nothing.

I recently searched Google for words that denote “quick fix” and “Something for Nothing.” Words that implied getting a better life in 10-, 30-, 90-days. OMG, there are a ton of books, course, seminars, consultants promising tips on how to cheat at everything in life, how to get stuff without working for it.
Sadly, it seems like the word “work” has become repulsive to many. Revolted by the very thought, they repel from it as if it were a hot flame. Some even consider “work” an old school concept; the mentality of dinosaurs. Well call me Barney. I’m old school and not ashamed to admit it. In fact, I’m downright proud of it. A little hard work never hurt anyone.

Hard Work Never Hurt Anyone.

For years I was paid to give motivational talks. After every speech, there were always people who were inspired by me and what I had accomplished. Many wanted to be where I was in life—having overcome tremendous odds and now living a life beyond my wildest imaginings. More than a few times, folks would ask, “how can I get where you are but by taking a shorter route?” Funny; shorter route. Much to their dismay my answer was always the same—I’m where I am because I have been willing to do what I do.
Years ago, Louise Robertson, one of my sweet mentors told me, “You get out of life what you put in to it.” She said, “ If you put in a little, you will get a little; if you put in a lot, you will get a lot, and, if you put in nothing, you will get nothing.”
There is something to be said for earning what you get. A word from a dinosaur, self-esteem comes from doing the work. What are your thoughts? Esteemable Acts Twitter Page, Esteemable Acts Facebook Fan Page, Google+

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