Blame. Personal Responsibility. Accountability.

Man number 1, who is to blame for the man who’s strung out on drugs and who is accused and convicted of selling drugs to others? He gets out prison and then becomes homeless. His family has deserted him because he is a junkie and won’t get clean. He blames the DA for sending him to prison.  His son blames the DA for sending him to prison and for his father’s situation. Is there any personal responsibility here?
Who is to blame for this man’s choices?
Man number 2, who is to blame for the man who’s accused and convicted of homicide? He killed another human being.  He has been in prison for years and never once claimed innocence.  In fact, he took responsibility for the crime he was convicted of committing.  Not once did he say, it was someone else’s fault.  Not once did he say, it was the DA’s fault.
Who is to blame for this man’s choices?
Interesting, two men—one white and one black—one takes responsibility for his actions and the other blames others for choices he made.
What are your thoughts?
Just curious, how quick were you to assume the junkie convict, who blamed others was the black man?  Why? If you assumed the man convicted of homicide was white, why?
In fact, the white physician was the heroin addict who sold drugs to others.
Living a life of blame is so easy. We make choices. Then, when we don’t like the outcome, we blame someone else.
I found last week’s episode of Blue Bloods disturbing in that, everyone wanted to provide the white doctor with an out—someone to blame. He got hooked, he sold drugs, he had an opportunity to get clean, he chose to use heroin after being released from prison. Yet, his pathetic life is the DA’s fault.
The black man had already served years in prison, and it was discovered he really was innocent.
Interesting the choices we make. Even more interesting how quickly we rush to judgment.
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