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Get Prepared Webinar

Is anyone ever truly prepared for the passing of a loved one? My husband Richard Lipfield recently passed away from cancer.  He was only 78 years old. First diagnosed in late March of 2018, he made his transition on November 30, 2019.  We knew, as his condition...

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CoVID-19 and Intellectual Property

It’s encouraging to witness a world agency recognizing a need and collaborating with creators and researchers alike to lay down competition and cost in order to fight a global pandemic.

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Improve Your Well-Being During CoVID-19

During this difficult time, I have been encouraging you to focus on the positive and improve your well-being. Here are some tangible topics to help you engage, grow, and become a life-long learner! Shawn Achor's TED Talk: The Happy Secret To Better Work...

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A Full & Thankful Heart: Gratitude on Mother’s Day

Always standing between me and anyone else was my mother’s voice. While it took me a number of years to learn, today I realize that until there was a healing between my mother and I, there would be no peace, and no healthy relationship with any other person

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Think Before You Post: Copyright Permissions

Some celebrities are ignorant and simply republish pictures they find on the Internet. Others are aware that a photographer owns a license and do it anyway, which is what Ma is accusing Jenner of. And whether it seems fair or not, copyright law is clear. In addition, purposeful infringement is penalized more than ignorant republishing.

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Francine’s expertise and experience gives her the ability to dig deep into our souls and have us relate–regardless of who we are– to an amazing testament of the power of honesty and authenticity.

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