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“Francine is exceptional in the field of Intellectual Property Law. I had the pleasure of meeting her after attending one of her workshops on Intellectual Property/Copyright matters. The workshop was tailored to nonprofit executive directors and was truly excellent. It was interactive, fun, and had a great deal of useful information that we could immediately apply to work in our agencies. I learned so much that day. After the workshop, I asked Francine about possibly representing the nonprofit I lead in protecting/copying righting some of our training materials. Francine not only agreed, her fees were affordable and she was generous/responsive with her time from start to finish. I knew I was in good hands! We received copyright approval for our Kitchen Table Talk facilitator training guides a few months ago thanks to Francine. Getting that copyright was a huge milestone achievement for our small nonprofit, and the information from the workshop will gave us so much to think about as nonprofit leaders and how to protect ourselves and our ideas, etc. I can’t recommend her enough. You’ll be very pleased with her services.”

Gwen Wilson, LCSW – Founder/Executive Director/CEO – G.O.A.L.S. For Women

It’s not very often that you find a speaker with incredible content AND an incredible story AND the heart to help others. From the moment I met Francine, it was obvious she belonged to a select class of speakers. From the moment she told me her incredible story of conquering overwhelming obstacles to becoming the power house she is today – I was hooked. Her story is gritty and it is real and it needs to be told – because hearing her story helps you see how you can take yourself to the next level – no matter what your obstacles. And just as she is a motivational and powerful keynote speaker, she is a darn good attorney. Protecting our work is vital in my business and Francine is a never-ending resource for trademark and copyright issues. Her advice has saved me lots of money and lots of future pain. She works hard for you and delivers much more than you ask. There are few people I recommend in this world – Francine is one of them.”

Kelly Swanson

Public Speaker

“I hired Francine Ward to provide me with legal advice, trademark assistance, and to help me develop contract documents during my business startup. She is a pleasure to work with, and very knowledgeable, responsive, and client-focused. I highly recommend her to other entrepreneurs who are looking for legal support for IP, contracts, and general business matters.”

Keiko, Business Owner

As a person with intellectual property, Francine Ward has made sure I had reg marks in additional categories so that I am protected. She had to deal with a recalcitrant infringer who (mistakenly) thought she could throw around the name of a big firm as proof she could use my reg mark. Francine quickly and brilliantly shredded the infringers defense. Francine also educated me as to how to initially address infringers so we avoid costly court procedures.  “It’s always better to start on a note of information ie:  I’m sure you didn’t know USPTO awarded How To Work A  Room for my exclusive use and that you wouldn’t want to infringe on my reg mark.” BRILLIANT legal advice from Francine Ward.”

Susan R.

Greenbrae, CA

I had a very positive experience working with Francine.  I needed advice on a book idea I had and she designed a Waiver and Release form for me. Her work was thorough, timely, and exactly what I needed.
I look forward to working with Francine in the future.”

Lisa T.

Shelburne, VT

I have been working with Francine since 2017 and she is an absolute professional who knows her trade very well.  She assisted with obtaining a Registered Trademark for my financial planning process and continues to monitor it for me during the renewal process.  In addition, she recently assisted in another Registered mark pertaining to my customized retirement planning as well.  She is extremely qualified, easy to work with, very organized,  and I am extremely happy I was referred to her by another colleague.  I highly recommend Francine without hesitation!”

Dan H.

Bedford, NH

Francine was an absolute professional when working with her to have our retirement planning process trademarked.  Over a period of months we communicated via email, telephone conference, and webinars to layout our plan to achieve our goal.  Francine was able to guide us through the labyrinth of legal potholes and landmines which allowed us to not only get our process trademarked, but to obtain a registered trademark!  There is no doubt that without her help we would not have been able to achieve the highest standard.  Thanks again Francine!”

Mark G.

Suncook, NH

My experience with Francine was fantastic!  She worked diligently to help me understand documents concerning an LLC contract and provided a great level of detail into my inquiries.  Her ability to offer an efficient course of action in my legal matter was certainly welcomed.  I highly recommend Francine for her level of professionalism and kindness.”

Jon S.

Houston, TX

“Francine Ward is a wonderful business and intellectual property attorney.  She provides the best assistance if you need work on copyrights or trademarks. I love working with her and am always impressed with her mastery of technology and the law. I would recommend her to anyone else who needs to protect their intellectual property.  She is also a great public speaker and inspiring writer.”

Barbara Monty

San Rafael, CA

I was leery about a contract a publisher asked me to sign, but I wanted to sell my piece.

I yearned for the by-line and all the future potential that came with it. Getting my writing published has been a long, brutal process, and I didn’t want to blow my big chance. But the contract required me to forfeit all my rights, in perpetuity, and I knew in my gut I would regret it if I signed this contract.

Then I attended one of Francine Ward’s seminars and got her input. “Publishers want your work because they can make money on it. They’re business people,” she reminded me, “and sometimes their objectives collide with yours.” I heard the authenticity, wisdom, and heartfelt earnestness in her tone. At that moment, I needed to hear those words, especially from a person whose authority on the subject I could respect and trust.

Carefully applying the thoughtful advice in Ms. Ward’s presentation, I crafted a new agreement, one in which the rights to my story reverted back to me after a reasonable period of time. The publisher signed it.

I got my price. I got my terms. And my relationship with the publisher has never been better. Thank you, Francine.”

Nancy B.

Palm Desert, CA

“The Legal Boot Camp was a valuable experience for me. It gave me a comprehensive understanding of important issues like copyright, trademarks and options for incorporation. I like the fact that I have the recordings to refer to later one. Francine knows the ins and outs and delivers the information in an engaging manner.”

Kurt Shaver, CEO of The Sales Foundry

I first met Francine when she gave a talk about accidental copyright infringement at a local ASTD chapter. She’s a terrific speaker on what’s usually a dry subject, as well as very knowledgeable. Some time after that I discovered a major bank was using my book for training…without my permission and without paying me. This was aggravating and scary at the same time. How would I go up against such a large company?

I reached out to Francine for help. She calmed me down, was assuring about my power to protect my IP, and suggested next steps. She also reviewed a letter I was to send to the person in charge of the group. Thanks to Francine’s counsel and assistance the company dropped their attempt at theft and later hired me to speak at several national sales meetings.

To borrow from an old ad, we all need a friend in the law business. I highly recommend Francine for help with all copyright, trademark, and IP issues. She is generous with her time and her rates are more than reasonable.”

Shawn Greene

Francine has truly been a blessing to me and is absolutely a pleasure to work with!  As a professional female bodybuilder, my success, thus far, has been due to training and hard work in sculpting my physique.  However, when it comes to actually making myself a brand and business, Francine has definitely helped guide me in the right direction to protecting my rights and intellectual property.  There have been numerous times that she helped protect my image, logo, and photos as well as successfully file copyrights and trademarks. She is masterful In her knowledge of the law and allows the experience to be seamless in a field that is all cofusing and complicated!”

Tina C.

Houston, TX

“As an avid conference fan…Francine is truly in the top 1% of great motivational speakers. She joins with her audience and touches the hearts and souls of the listeners. Her message is universal and embraces humor and joy…Francine’s message…triggered a chain of events that not only cemented one the best events our agency ever sponsored but created a cascading effect.”

Maureen Keating, PCC-S, LICDC Director of Women & Family Services Community Health Center Akron, OH

It was time, at long last, to put together a living trust.  Soliciting a trusted friend, I had the good fortune to be given Francine’s name.
I’m pleased to share of what became our very professional, deliberative, and always positive experience. Of particular appreciation was her gentle guidance, ensuring a detailed, tailored finished product.
Bottom line; very professional, personally pleasant engagements, and absolutely pain free.
Sidebar: high praise indeed from someone who once had a t-shirt printed that said … “kill all lawyers”.”

John R.


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