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As the years have passed, Francine’s look has changed, her thinking has changed, and her life condition has changed. What has not changed is her powerful and compelling message of hope. Her ability to dig deep into our souls and have us relate–regardless of who we are–is an amazing testament to the power of honesty and authenticity. As a younger woman, her riveting rags to riches story inspired us. Now as a mature woman who has been visited upon by many of life’s seasons, in her own words she says:

  • When I was 25 I thought I wouldn’t live to be 26.
  • When I was 30 I thought I’d live forever.
  • When I turned 40, I was living my dream.
  • When I turned 50, I couldn’t believe how fabulous I felt–50 rocked!

But 60, well it was a nightmare. I cried for days and weeks at the thought of becoming my grandmother and my mother. Yet today at 67, I am more excited about my life than I’ve ever been.

What did I learn to do, think, and feel in a matter of three years? It’s easy to think that with age immediately comes the end of everything. But in fact, that is only true if we believe it to be. The true test of a successful person is their willingness to weather life’s “inevitable” storms, and get through to the other side — much better for the experience. Aging is one of life’s storms. And, if we are lucky, we GET to experience it.

At 26 her story changed lives. At 40 her story changed lives. At 50 she showed us what 50 could be. Now at 67, look out!

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