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Whether you are just getting your business started or a seasoned business owner, Francine’s 30 years of experience in business and intellectual property law will provide the expertise necessary to give you peace of mind by protecting your content, your brand, your business structure, and your estate.

Francine is Of Counsel at Monty White, LLP, a full service law firm in San Rafael, CA. She heads its Business and Intellectual Property Law Group, as well as managing its Palm Desert, CA office. Francine is a 1989 graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center and admitted to practice in California, New York, and the District of Columbia.

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Famous Copyright Case

Famous Copyright Case

Famous Copyright Case. Lady Liberty. Copyright Law provides that the owner of a copyright has several exclusive rights in their copyright protected content. Among those rights are the rights to reproduce, to display, and to distribute your...

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The Forgiveness Factor

The Forgiveness Factor

Key to Forgiveness. Willingness to Forgive. The key to forgiveness is a willingness to forgive.  Just saying "I forgive you" doesn't rid you of the anger. Think about it: How often have you seen someone who says he's forgiven someone else and is...

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How to Avoid Probate

How to Avoid Probate

3 Reasons to Avoid Probate When you die, under probate it’s likely your heirs will have to sign documents in order to receive their inheritance. This can happen if you own property in your name only and if you haven’t expressly designated a...

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Barbara M.

Rated 5 out of 5
August 6, 2014

“Francine Ward is a wonderful business and intellectual property attorney. She provides the best assistance if you need work on copyrights or trademarks. I love working with her and am always impressed with her mastery of technology and the law. I would recommend her to anyone else who needs to protect their intellectual property. She is also a great public speaker and inspiring writer.”

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Kelly S.

Rated 5 out of 5
May 27, 2011

It’s not very often that you find a speaker with incredible content AND an incredible story AND the heart to help others. From the moment I met Francine, it was obvious she belonged to a select class of speakers. From the moment she told me her incredible story of conquering overwhelming obstacles to becoming the power house she is today – I was hooked. Her story is gritty and it is real and it needs to be told – because hearing her story helps you see how you can take yourself to the next level – no matter what your obstacles. And just as she is a motivational and powerful keynote speaker, she is a darn good attorney. Protecting our work is vital in my business and Francine is a never-ending resource for trademark and copyright issues. Her advice has saved me lots of money and lots of future pain. She works hard for you and delivers much more than you ask. There are few people I recommend in this world – Francine is one of them.

Avatar for Kelly S.
Kelly S.

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